Hi, I'm Justin. I've been coding and playing with Perler beads since I was twelve. It was around that time that my friend Bill and I discovered the BASIC programming language on his Commodore 64. I wrote a text-based "adventure" called Sell Bikes, and I was hooked on coding for life.
In 2013, I rediscovered Perler beads when my kids started playing with them. They made butterflies and dolphins, but I was inspired to make 8-bit era sprites. I made a Mario, a few Final Fantasy heroes, and then Bill asked me to make a Samus that was roughly 3,000 pixels and a multitude of colors. It was not something I could "eyeball" like the smaller sprites I had made. So I combined my background in coding with my mission to complete the Samus, and Pixel Perfect was born.
The Pixel Perfect project was made possible because of the power of Google, StackOverflow, GitHub, and countless individual bloggers whom were gracious enough to share their expertise freely on the internet. It was also made possible by the artistic inspiration of Perler art trailblazers like @PappasParlor and Kyle McCoy. Thanks guys!